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Deren Eaton

Yale Post-doc, botanist, evolutionary biologist

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  • Eaton, D.A.R. (2014). PyRAD: assembly of de novo RADseq loci for phylogenetic analyses. Bioinformatics 30(13): 1844-1849. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu121. (preprint), (link), (reproducible science: files, notebook)


  • Eaton, D.A.R. and R.H. Ree (2013). Inferring phylogeny and introgression using genomic RADseq data: An example from flowering plants (Pedicularis: Orobanchaceae). 2013. Systematic Biology, 62: 689-706. (open access link), (cover image)

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In Prep

  • Eaton, D.A.R., Huang, S-Q. and R.H. Ree. Interspecific reproductive character displacement affects gene flow among intraspecific populations of a widespread alpine plant species. In Prep.

  • Eaton, D.A.R., Ree, R.H. and S-Q. Huang. Evolutionary constraint and pollen-pistil relationships above and below the species-level in Chinese Pedicularis. In Prep.